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Accountability: Quiz


Question 1: Political accountability is the accountability of the government, ________ and politicians to the public and to legislative bodies such as congress or parliament.
Her Majesty's Civil ServiceUnited States civil serviceCivil serviceImperial examination

Question 2: As an aspect of governance, it has been central to discussions related to problems in the public sector, nonprofit and private (________) worlds.
Corporate lawCompanies lawCompanyCorporation

Question 3: ________, or statute, can empower a legislative body to hold their own members, the government, and government bodies to account.
DemocracyLawConstitutionUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Students are given complete responsibility for their own education and the school is run by a ________ in which students and staff are equals.
DemarchyTotalitarian democracySociocracyDirect democracy

Question 5: For example, some parliaments can pass a ________ in the government.
Motion of no confidencePrime ministerPresidential systemUnited States

Question 6: Accountability is a concept in ________ and governance with several meanings.

Question 7: This can be through holding an internal or independent ________.
Scientific methodAristotleInquiryEmpiricism

Question 8: In a few cases, ________ can be used to revoke the office of an elected official.
Recall electionCaliforniaIdahoCalifornia gubernatorial recall election, 2003

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