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Question 1: Arguably, it may increase the depth of field by reducing the ________ of the eye, and thus reduce the amount of accommodation needed to bring the image in focus on the retina[16].
PhotographyFocal lengthF-numberAperture

Question 2: Catenary - ________ proposes that the lens, zonule and anterior vitreous comprise a diaphragm between the anterior and vitreous chambers of the eye.
RetinaD. Jackson ColemanEye surgeryOphthalmology

Question 3: When someone accommodates to a near object, they also converge their eyes and constrict their ________.
Iris dilator muscleRetinaPupilCiliary muscle

Question 4: Accommodation is the process by which the vertebrate ________ changes optical power to maintain a clear image (focus) on an object as its distance changes.
BrainSensory systemNervous systemEye

Question 5: Helmholtz - The most widely held[3] theory of accommodation is that proposed by ________ in 1855.
Hermann von HelmholtzPhysicsLightWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin


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