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Acclimatization: Quiz


Question 1: This may be a discrete occurrence or may instead represent part of a periodic cycle, such as a ________ shedding heavy winter fur in favor of a lighter summer coat.
PrimateMammal classificationMammalEven-toed ungulate

Question 2: This process is called hardening and involves several changes, such as a decrease in the water content and an increase in the sugar content of the plant, lowering the ________ of sap.
Melting pointLiquidSolidPhase transition

Question 3: The ________ content of sweat also decreases as people acclimatize.
SaltHypertensionSodium chlorideWater

Question 4: When humans move from a cool or temperate environment to a hot, dry ________ environment or vice versa, they should spend up to seven days acclimatizing to the change in their environment.
AntarcticaDesertSaharaAtacama Desert

Question 5: Acclimatization occurs in a short time, (days to weeks) and within one organism's lifetime (compare ________).
Natural selectionModern evolutionary synthesisAdaptationEvolution

Question 6: Acclimatization or acclimation is the process of an organism adjusting to change in its environment, allowing it to survive changes in temperature, water and food availability, other stresses and often relates to seasonal ________ changes.

Question 7: This lets the body make internal adjustments (see ________) to compensate for the change in environmental conditions.
Computational neuroscienceHomeostasisClaude BernardCybernetics

Question 8: If people do not acclimatize, then the person is at higher risk of heat related injuries (heat stroke, heat cramp, ________).
PneumoniaCommunity-acquired pneumoniaObstructive lung diseaseRespiratory disease

Question 9: ________ are able to adjust only gradually to changes in water temperature and quality.
Forage fishFishFish anatomyPelagic fish

Question 10: ________ grow very thick wool in cold, damp climates.
GoatAgricultureMuslim Agricultural RevolutionDomestic sheep


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