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Question 1: An acoustic analysis by Jonathan Harrington of Queen ________'s Royal Christmas Messages revealed that the speech patterns of even so conservative a figure as a monarch can continue to change over her lifetime.
British Royal FamilyEdward VIII of the United KingdomMonarchy of the United KingdomElizabeth II of the United Kingdom

Question 2: The perception or sensitivity of others to accents means that generalizations are passed off as acceptable, such as ________'s Jamaican accent in Meet Joe Black.
Matt DamonEdward NortonAngelina JolieBrad Pitt

Question 3: [5] ________ attempted a Greek accent in the film Alexander that was said by critics to be distracting.
Kathy BatesAngelina JolieJessica LangeMeryl Streep

Question 4: [6] ________ has become known for playing eccentrics and for his mastery of accents.
Christian BaleHeath LedgerGary OldmanMaggie Gyllenhaal

Question 5: Accents can be confused with ________ which are varieties of language differing in vocabulary, syntax, and morphology, as well as pronunciation.
German languageDialect continuumDialectEnglish language

Question 6: In ________, an accent is a manner of pronunciation of a language.
PragmaticsLinguisticsNoam ChomskySemantics

Question 7: An accent may be associated with the region in which its speakers reside (a geographical accent), the socio-economic status of its speakers, their ethnicity, their ________ or social class, their first language (when the language in which the accent is heard is not their native language), and so on.
RacismRacial segregationReligious intoleranceCaste

Question 8: Accents such as ________ or General American may sometimes be erroneously designated in their countries of origin as "accentless" to indicate that they offer no obvious clue to the speaker's regional background.
West/Central Canadian EnglishEnglish languageAmerican EnglishReceived Pronunciation

Question 9: People from the United States would "speak with an accent" from the point of view of an ________, and vice versa.
CanadaAustraliaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 10: For example in the United Kingdom, ________ of the English language is associated with the traditional upper class.
General AmericanWest/Central Canadian EnglishAmerican EnglishReceived Pronunciation


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