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Acanthophis: Quiz


Question 1: It remains unclear how many species this ________ includes.
GenusClass (biology)LifeBiological classification

Question 2: Commonly called death adders, they are native to ________, New Guinea and nearby islands, and are among the most venomous snakes in the world.
AustraliaCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 3: Further confusion exists over the death adders from Papua New Guinea and ________.

Question 4: They normally take 2–3 ________ to reach adult size.
CalendarTimeIslamic calendarYear

Question 5: Although the death adders resemble vipers of the Viperidae family, they are really members of the Elapidae family, being more closely related to cobras, mambas, and ________.
Milk SnakeMicrurus tenerMexicoCoral snake

Question 6: Acanthophis is a ________ of highly venomous elapid snakes.
GenusSpeciesLifeBiological classification

Question 7: Seven species are listed by ITIS, though it remains unclear how many ________ this genus includes, with figures ranging from 4 to 15 species being quoted (see Taxonomy).
SpeciesEvolutionBiological classificationLife

Question 8: They also have vertical ________ and many small scales on the top of the head.
Iris dilator muscleRetinaCiliary musclePupil


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