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Question 1: The bills were based largely upon language drafted by the ________,[32] the hub of the intelligent design movement, and derive from language originally drafted for the Santorum Amendment in the United States Senate.
Wedge strategyCenter for Science and CultureTeach the ControversyDiscovery Institute

Question 2: On news and talk programs, he was criticized for describing the World Trade Center victims as "little Eichmanns," a reference to Hannah Arendt's ________.
Adolf HitlerEichmann in JerusalemAdolf EichmannThe Holocaust

Question 3: Academic ________ protects academic freedom by ensuring that teachers can be fired only for causes such as gross professional incompetence or behavior that evokes condemnation from the academic community itself.
ProfessorColumbia UniversityUniversityTenure

Question 4: In the aftermath of the ________, some public statements made by some university faculty were criticized as being insufficiently patriotic.
September 11 attacksOsama bin LadenUnited Airlines Flight 93Al-Qaeda

Question 5: In a 2008 case, a Federal court in ________ ruled that professors have no academic freedom; all academic freedom resides with the university or college.
VirginiaWest VirginiaNorth CarolinaNew Jersey

Question 6: In 2009 the University of California at Santa Barbara charged William I. Robinson with anti-Semitism after he criticised the treatment of Palestinians by the state of ________.
United StatesIsraelGreeceArmenia

Question 7: The "academic freedom bills" are anti-evolution bills that were introduced in state legislatures in the ________ between 2004 and 2008.
United StatesAlaskaCanadaPhilippines

Question 8: [10] However there have been a large number of scandals around the restriction of academic freedom at a number of universities with particular concern being expressed at the situation at the ________.
Stellenbosch UniversityUniversity of PretoriaUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalUniversity of Fort Hare

Question 9: Most prominent among these were these comments made in January 2005 by University of Colorado professor ________.
Russell MeansIndigenous peoplesManifest DestinyWard Churchill

Question 10: The Bassett Affair at ________ in North Carolina in the early 20th century was an important event in the history of academic freedom.
Syracuse UniversityNorthwestern UniversityDuke UniversitySouthern Methodist University


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