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Abugida: Quiz


Question 1: The primary division is into North Indic scripts used in North India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and South Indic scripts used in ________, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia.
KarnatakaTulu NaduYakshaganaSouth India

Question 2: vowel marking for a short or neutral vowel such as ________ (with ambiguity between no vowel and that short or neutral vowel),
Vowel lengthPortuguese languageSchwaInternational Phonetic Alphabet

Question 3: This expedient is used by ISCII and South Asian scripts of ________.) Thus a closed syllable such as kal requires two akshara to write.
UnicodeUTF-8Universal Character SetHan unification

Question 4: Historically, abugidas appear to have evolved from ________ (vowelless alphabets).
Arabic alphabetHebrew alphabetAbjadGreek alphabet

Question 5: Hanuno'o, a script used by Mangyans in Mindoro, ________
PhilippinesEast TimorPapua New GuineaUnited States

Question 6: ________, pre-Hispanic script of Tagalog and other Philippine languages
Tagbanwa scriptBaybayinHanunó'o scriptBuhid script

Question 7: ________, descended from Brāhmī (c.
Khmer scriptTibetan scriptBrahmic family of scriptsMalayalam script

Question 8: Buhid, used by Mangyans in Mindoro, ________
United StatesPhilippinesEast TimorPapua New Guinea

Question 9: Ge'ez derived from a different abjad, the Sabean script of ________; the advent of vowels coincided with the introduction of Christianity about 350 CE.
Saudi ArabiaYemenSomaliaUnited Arab Emirates

Question 10: This is called the virama in Sanskrit, or halant in ________.
PaliPunjabi languageHindustani languageHindi

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