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Question 1: In Islamic law and jurisprudence, Biruni understood ________ as the law of the jungle.
Natural lawThomas AquinasGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel Kant

Question 2: The fourth question deals with the continuity and discontinuity of physical bodies, while the fifth criticizes the Peripatetic denial of the possibility of there existing another ________ completely different from the world known to them.
Modern historyWorldAncient historyPrehistory

Question 3: In the Indica, while comparing the Qur'an to the ________, Biruni assigned to the Qur'an a separate and autonomous realm of its own and held that:[55]
VedasBhagavad GitaUpanishadsHindu texts

Question 4: Another example he cites is the ________ which, like India, was also a sea at one time.
Syrian DesertSaharaRub' al KhaliArabian Desert

Question 5: In particular, he has made significant contributions to ________, geodesy, geography, geology and mineralogy.
CartographySpatial analysisMapGeographic information system

Question 6: [44] Biruni has also been praised by several scholars for his ________ anthropology.
IslamMosqueMuslim historyIslamic schools and branches

Question 7: Biruni's ________ was only possible for a scholar deeply immersed in the lore of other nations.
Theories of religionHistory of religionsGnosticismAnthropology of religion

Question 8: His fifteenth question asks how two opposite squares in a square divided into four can be tangential, while the sixteenth question concerns ________.
Outer spaceVacuumUniverseVacuum pump

Question 9: He mentions the birth and death of the ________, Shia Imams, Fatima (daughter of Muhammad) and Khadija (Muhammad's wife).
IslamCaliphateMuslim historyCaliph

Question 10: The length of line HP can be found using the ________, while LP = PT since they are both tangents to the circle from point P.
Pythagorean theoremTrigonometric functionsTrigonometryTriangle


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