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Absurdism: Quiz


Question 1: However, he insisted that one must always maintain an ironic distance between this invented meaning and the ________ of the absurd, lest the fictitious meaning take the place of the absurd.

Question 2: ________: Mortal Questions, 1991.
Ludwig WittgensteinGottfried LeibnizSøren KierkegaardThomas Nagel

Question 3: Such a realization or encounter with the absurd leaves the individual with a choice: ________, a leap of faith or recognition.
EuthanasiaSuicideDeath and cultureCremation

Question 4: Kierkegaard and Camus describe the solutions in their works, The Sickness Unto Death (1849) and ________ (1942):
The Rebel (book)The Myth of SisyphusThe Stranger (novel)Albert Camus

Question 5: ________ believed that there is no human-comprehensible purpose of God, making faith in God absurd.
René DescartesImmanuel KantSøren KierkegaardGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 6: The aftermath of World War II provided the social environment that stimulated absurdist views and allowed for their popular development, especially in the devastated country of ________.
CanadaItalyUnited KingdomFrance

Question 7: In the story of ________ in the Book of Genesis, Abraham was told by God to kill his son Isaac.
JacobAbrahamEnoch (Biblical figure)David

Question 8: Absurdism is a ________ stating that the efforts of humanity to find inherent meaning in the universe ultimately fail (and hence are absurd), because no such meaning exists, at least in relation to the individual.
Political philosophyAristotlePhilosophyDavid Hume

Question 9: ________ (or, "escaping existence"): a solution in which a person simply ends one's own life.
EuthanasiaDeath and cultureSuicideCremation

Question 10: Although the notion of the 'absurd' is pervasive in all of the literature of ________, The Myth of Sisyphus is his chief work on the subject.
Albert CamusExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelJean-Paul Sartre

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