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Question 1: ________ for structuring data independent of the processes that use it
Structured analysisView modelDatabase modelData modeling

Question 2: For example, in both computing and in mathematics, ________ are concepts in the programming languages, as founded in mathematics.
Real numberNumberIrrational numberComplex number

Question 3: The level of abstraction included in a programming language can influence its overall ________.
Usability engineeringUsabilityHuman–computer interactionUser interface

Question 4: One can regard the notion of object from ________ as an attempt to combine abstractions of data and code.
Programming paradigmSoftware development methodologyUnified Modeling LanguageObject-oriented programming

Question 5: The ability to provide a ________ of different levels of abstraction can
Graphic designDesignIndustrial designDesign methods

Question 6: These include the subroutine, the module, and the ________.
Object-oriented programmingComponent-based software engineeringImperative programmingProgramming paradigm

Question 7: In ________, abstraction can apply to control or to data: Control abstraction is the abstraction of actions while data abstraction is that of data structures.
Software testingSoftware designRequirements analysisComputer programming

Question 8: Abstraction is the core concept of ________.
Abstract interpretationKnaster–Tarski theoremInterpreter (computing)Compiler

Question 9: The concept originated by analogy with abstraction in ________.
Set theoryGeometryMathematicsMathematical logic

Question 10: Such a lookup table may be implemented in various ways: as a hash table, a ________, or even a simple linear list.
B-treeBinary search treeHeap (data structure)Tree (data structure)


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