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Question 1: An abstract machine implemented as a software simulation, or for which an interpreter exists, is called a ________.
XenHypervisorHardware virtualizationVirtual machine

Question 2: An abstract machine can also refer to a ________ design which has yet to be (or is not intended to be) implemented as hardware.
Central processing unitMicroprocessor64-bitReduced instruction set computer

Question 3: In the theory of computation, abstract machines are often used in thought experiments regarding computability or to analyze the complexity of algorithms (see ________).
Complexity classNP-completeComputational complexity theoryP versus NP problem

Question 4: Abstraction of computing processes is used in both the ________ and computer engineering disciplines and usually assumes discrete time paradigm.
Programming paradigmComputer scienceComputer programmingSoftware engineering

Question 5: More complex definitions create abstract machines with full ________, registers and models of memory.
Reduced instruction set computerInstruction setCentral processing unitMicroprocessor

Question 6: The best-known example is the ________.
Automata theoryContext-free grammarFinite-state machineTuring machine

Question 7: An abstract machine, also called an abstract computer, is a theoretical model of a computer hardware or software system used in ________.
Automata theoryBüchi automatonFinite-state machineFormal grammar

Question 8: As the performance difference between different levels of ________ grows, cache-sensitive models such as the external-memory model and cache-oblivious model are growing in importance.
Central processing unitCPU cacheMultithreading64-bit

Question 9: One popular model more similar to real modern machines is the ________, which allows random access to indexed memory locations.
Counter machineRandom access machineRegister machineRandom access stored program machine


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