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Abstract expressionism: Quiz


Question 1: Jackson Pollock's dripping paint onto a canvas laid on the floor is a technique that has its roots in the work of André Masson, Max Ernst and ________.
Diego RiveraDavid Alfaro SiqueirosÁlvaro ObregónMexico

Question 2: Both ________ (see gallery) and Robert Motherwell (gallery) can be comfortably described as practitioners of action painting and Color field painting.
Hans HofmannAbstract expressionismModernismWestern painting

Question 3: Among Hofmann's protege's was ________ who became an enormously influential voice for American painting and among his students was Lee Krasner who introduced her teacher Hans Hofmann to Jackson Pollock her husband.
Color FieldPostmodern artClement GreenbergAbstract expressionism

Question 4: The canvas as the arena became a credo of Action painting, while the integrity of the picture plane became a credo of the ________ painters.
Lyrical AbstractionAbstract expressionismExpressionismColor Field

Question 5: ________, Aurora, 1992-1993
Lyman KippKenneth SnelsonMark di SuveroAbstract expressionism

Question 6: Art critic ________ perceived Color Field painting as related to but different from Action painting.
Lyrical AbstractionAbstract expressionismClement GreenbergPostmodern art

Question 7: Pollock's energetic action paintings, with their "busy" feel, are different both technically and aesthetically, to the violent and grotesque Women series of ________.
New York SchoolAbstract expressionismWillem de KooningMark Rothko

Question 8: ________, a late member of the Uptown Group, wrote catalogue forewords and reviews, and by the late 1940s became an exhibiting artist at Betty Parsons Gallery.
Color FieldMark RothkoBarnett NewmanAbstract expressionism

Question 9: The ________ and Life printed feature articles."[9]
The New York Times CompanyThe New York TimesThe Boston GlobeInternational Herald Tribune

Question 10: Graham's influence on American art during the early 1940s was particularly visible in the work of ________, Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.
Pablo PicassoPaul CézanneAbstract expressionismArshile Gorky

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