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Question 1: It was in this context that ________, Wassily Kandinsky, Hilma af Klint and other artists working towards an 'objectless state' became interested in the occult as a way of creating an 'inner' object.
Pablo PicassoCubismDe StijlPiet Mondrian

Question 2: The best known group of American artists became known as the ________ and the New York School.
National Security AgencyCentral Intelligence AgencyUnited StatesAbstract expressionism

Question 3: During the 1930s Paris became the host to artists from Russia, Germany, Holland and other European countries affected by the rise of ________.
TotalitarianismFascismNazismFascism and ideology

Question 4: Although artists like ________ and James Ensor drew influences principally from the work of the Post-Impressionists they were instrumental to the advent of abstraction in the 20th century.
Symbolism (arts)ExpressionismHenri MatisseEdvard Munch

Question 5: ________ 1919, Railway Crossing
Pablo PicassoModernismFernand LégerCubism

Question 6: ________ Counter-Composition V
De StijlBauhausTheo van DoesburgEl Lissitzky

Question 7: ________ was jointly developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, from about 1908 through 1912.

Question 8: Although ________ ultimately depends upon subject matter, it became, along with Fauvism, the art movement that directly opened the door to abstraction in the 20th century.
ExpressionismArt NouveauCubismImpressionism

Question 9: ________, born in Russia, began with strongly surrealist imagery which later dissolved into his powerful color compositions of the early 1950s.
Mark RothkoAbstract expressionismSurrealismColor Field

Question 10: Artists and teachers John D. Graham and ________ became important bridge figures between the newly arrived European Modernists and the younger American artists coming of age.
ModernismWestern paintingHans HofmannAbstract expressionism

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