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Question 1: Sexual abstinence is the practice of voluntarily refraining from some or all aspects of ________.
Human sexual behaviorSexual intercourseOrgasmMasturbation

Question 2: For ________, the period of fasting lasts during the whole month of Ramadan, from dawn to dusk.

Question 3: Many ________ abstain all Fridays in the year.
Summorum PontificumTridentine MassTraditionalist CatholicMarcel Lefebvre

Question 4: Teetotalism is the practice and promotion of complete abstinence from ________.
EthanolAlcoholic beverageBeerWine

Question 5: Total abstinence from pleasure or leisure is practically impossible and instead an individual ________ is necessary.
Work–life balanceWorkplace stressGap yearFull-time

Question 6: Most frequently, the term refers to abstention from sexual intercourse, ________ or food.

Question 7: For Jews, the principal day of fast is ________, the Day of Atonement.
Jewish servicesYom KippurShabbatJewish holiday

Question 8: Contemporary and colloquial usage has somewhat expanded teetotalism to include strict abstinence from most "recreational" ________ (legal and illegal, see controlled substances).
Psychoactive drugDrugMDMAPhencyclidine

Question 9: ________ abstain from certain foods and drinks by combining spiritual discipline with health concerns.
Latter Day Saint movementJoseph Smith, Jr.Brigham YoungMormon

Question 10: Abstinence may arise from an ________ element, present in most faiths, or from a subjective need for spiritual discipline.

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