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Absorption (electromagnetic radiation): Quiz


Question 1: Fortunately, it is easy to convert from one measure to another, see ________.
Mathematical descriptions of opacityMolar absorptivityBeer–Lambert lawMass attenuation coefficient

Question 2: In ________, photosynthetic organisms require that light of the appropriate wavelengths be absorbed within the active area of chloroplasts, so that the light energy can be converted into chemical energy within sugars and other molecules.

Question 3: A few examples of absorption spectroscopy, in different parts of the spectrum, are ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, ________, and X-ray absorption spectroscopy.
Infrared spectroscopyRotational spectroscopyMössbauer spectroscopyRaman spectroscopy

Question 4: In medicine, X-rays are absorbed to different extents by different tissues (________ in particular), which is the basis for X-ray imaging.
BoneHuman skeletonHuman skullHead and neck anatomy

Question 5: In ________, sunglasses, colored filters, dyes, and other such materials are designed specifically with respect to which visible wavelengths they absorb and how much.
OpticsAnti-reflective coatingOptical fiberTransparency and translucency

Question 6: ________, attenuation constant, phase constant, and complex wavenumber,
Telegrapher's equationsLoading coilTransmission linePropagation constant

Question 7: The absorbance of an object quantifies how much of the incident light is absorbed by it (not all photons get absorbed, some are reflected or ________ instead).
RefractionOpticsRefractive indexMetamaterial

Question 8: In ________ and materials science, different materials and molecules will absorb radiation to different extents at different frequencies, which allows for material identification.
Periodic tableChemistryElectrochemistryInorganic chemistry

Question 9: In meteorology and climatology, global and local temperatures depend in large part on the absorption of radiation by atmospheric gases (such as in the greenhouse effect) and the ground (see ________).
Global warmingGlobal dimmingGlobal coolingAlbedo

Question 10: This may be related to other properties of the object through the ________.
Cavity ring-down spectroscopyBeer–Lambert lawOptical depthAbsorption (electromagnetic radiation)


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