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Absorbed dose: Quiz


Question 1: Absorbed dose (also known as total ionizing dose, TID) is a measure of the energy deposited in a medium by ________.
Radiation therapyNuclear fissionIonizing radiationX-ray

Question 2: The risk of ________ effects due to radiation exposure can be quantified using the effective dose, which is a weighted average of the equivalent dose to each organ depending upon its radiosensitivity.
John von NeumannProbabilityMonte Carlo methodStochastic

Question 3: When ionising radiation is used to treat cancer, the doctor will usually prescribe the ________ treatment in Gy.
Ionizing radiationNuclear fusionRadiation therapyX-ray

Question 4: 1 Gy of alpha radiation would be much more biologically damaging than 1 Gy of ________ radiation for example.
ElectronAtomPhotonStandard Model


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