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Abraham Van Helsing: Quiz


Question 1: ________ portrayed Professor Abraham Van Helsing in Dracula 2000 (he had previously appeared as a rather ineffective vampire hunter, Professor Paris Catalano, in Vampire in Venice).
Robert MorseJeremy IronsAl PacinoChristopher Plummer

Question 2: Frank Finlay in the ________ adaptation Count Dracula (1977)
Raidió Teilifís ÉireannNorwegian Broadcasting CorporationBBCTG4

Question 3: John Gottowt (as Professor Bulwer) in ________ (1922)
Dracula (1931 film)Count DraculaNosferatu the VampyreNosferatu

Question 4: He became a vampire after being bitten by one, and after destroying Dracula, he came to London, to solve the case of ________.
Jack the RipperTower BridgeMetropolitan Police ServiceWestminster Abbey

Question 5: Von Goosewing from the Cosgrove Hall Films TV-series and the Marvel comic ________.
Inspector GadgetCount DuckulaOnly Fools and HorsesDanger Mouse (TV series)

Question 6: After defeating Count Dracula (________), Van Helsing finds that the vampire lord cannot die in the conventional means of destroying a vampire and he only succeeded in paralysing him in a death-like state.
One More Kiss (film)James Bond (film series)Butterfly on a WheelGerard Butler

Question 7: The name change is accounted for in the story of the film, in which it is implied that Gabriel Van Helsing is actually the ________ in human form.
Saint JosephBiblical MagiGabrielJesus

Question 8: One lawyer whom Van Helsing talked to had a collection of ________ and Magyar artifacts, and Van Helsing lost track of the time studying them.
BulgarsByzantine EmpireHunsAttila the Hun

Question 9: Abraham Van Helsing has also made a cameo appearance in the Japanese ________ Hellsing.
Manga outside JapanMangaShōjo mangaYaoi

Question 10: A humorous British TV series, ________, featured Mr.
Count DraculaYoung DraculaGoth subcultureVampire

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