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Abraham Geiger: Quiz


Question 1: For example, he abolished the prayers of mourning for the temple, believing that since Jews were German citizens, such prayers would appear to be disloyal to the ruling power and could possibly spark ________.
Racial antisemitismAntisemitismReligious antisemitismThe Holocaust

Question 2: Jewish Discovery of Islam (Archived 2009-10-24) by ________, includes discussion of Geiger.
Columbia UniversityMartin KramerHarvard UniversityCornell University

Question 3: After one semester, he transferred to the University of Bonn, where he studied at the same time as ________.
Haredi JudaismModern Orthodox JudaismSamson Raphael HirschJudaism

Question 4: However, unlike ________, he did not want to create a separate community.
Orthodox JudaismHalakhaBrit milahSamuel Holdheim

Question 5: He sought to remove all nationalistic elements (particularly the "Chosen People" doctrine) from ________, stressing it as an evolving and changing religion.

Question 6: Some critics also attacked Geiger's opposition to a Jewish national identity; most notably he was criticized when he refused to intervene on the behalf of the Jews of Damsacus accused of ritual murder (a ________) in 1840.
IslamophobiaReligious intoleranceRacismBlood libel

Question 7: ________ devoted a good many issues of his journal Jeschurun to criticizing Geiger's reform stance (published in English as Hirsch, Collected Writings).
Samson Raphael HirschHaredi JudaismJudaismModern Orthodox Judaism

Question 8: In the Germany of the 19th century, Geiger and ________, along with Israel Jacobson and Leopold Zunz, stood out as the founding fathers of Reform Judaism.
HalakhaOrthodox JudaismSamuel HoldheimBrit milah

Question 9: Abraham Geiger (24 May 1810 in Frankfurt am Main – 23 October 1874 in ________) was a German rabbi and scholar who led the founding of Reform Judaism.

Question 10: Some of Geiger's studies are included in The Origins of The Koran: Classic Essays on Islam’s Holy Book edited by ________.
Regensburg lectureAyaan Hirsi AliIbn WarraqLGBT topics and Islam


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