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Question 1: The famous, "fiery" Abolitionist, ________, from Massachusetts, was considered an "ultra" abolitionist who believed in full civil rights for all black people.
Lucy StoneStephen Symonds FosterSeneca Falls ConventionAbby Kelley

Question 2: On 10 December 1948, the General Assembly of the ________ adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
United Nations Security CouncilIsrael, Palestine, and the United NationsUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUnited Nations

Question 3: After the Revolution, it was reorganized in 1784, with ________ as its first president.
John AdamsThomas JeffersonBenjamin FranklinThomas Mifflin

Question 4: After 1776, ________ and Moravian advocates helped persuade numerous slaveholders in the Upper South to free their slaves.
Religious Society of FriendsHistory of the Religious Society of FriendsGeorge FoxFriends World Committee for Consultation

Question 5: Abolitionism was a movement in western Europe and the Americas to end the ________ and emancipate slaves.
Arab slave tradeHistory of slaveryAfrican slave tradeSlavery

Question 6: Famous writer Aimé Césaire, leader of the Négritude movement, refused to meet UMP leader ________, who cancelled his planned visit to Martinique.
Jacques ChiracNicolas SarkozyAngela MerkelSilvio Berlusconi

Question 7: The timing might have been connected with the ________ raging at the time.
Grande ArméeNapoleon INapoleonic WarsFirst French Empire

Question 8: Some antislavery men joined the ________ in the collapse of the parties; but Edmund Quincy ridiculed it as a mushroom growth, a distraction from the real issues.
Republican Party (United States)Know NothingDemocratic Party (United States)Green Party (United States)

Question 9: A radical shift came in the 1830s, led by ________, who demanded "immediate emancipation, gradually achieved".
John Brown (abolitionist)Harriet TubmanFrederick DouglassWilliam Lloyd Garrison

Question 10: Many American abolitionists took an active role in opposing slavery by supporting the ________.
Underground RailroadAmerican Civil WarHarriet TubmanWilliam Cooper Nell

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