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Ablation: Quiz


Question 1: In medicine, ablation is the same as removal of a part of ________, usually by surgery.
Immune systemNervous systemOrgan (anatomy)Tissue (biology)

Question 2: Surface ablation of the cornea for several types of eye refractive surgery is now common, using an excimer laser system (LASIK and ________).
Photorefractive keratectomyEye surgeryCataract surgeryIntrastromal corneal ring segments

Question 3: In the case of silicone, organic rubber surrounds very finely divided silica ________ (up to 380 m² of combined surface area of all the dust particles per gram of this dust).
Air pollutionRoadParticulateDust

Question 4: Surface ablation of the ________ (dermabrasion, also called resurfacing because it induces regeneration) can be carried out by chemicals (which cause peeling) or by lasers.
TanningHuman skinSkinLeather

Question 5: ________ and fireproofing products can be ablative in nature.
FirestopPassive fire protectionFire-resistance ratingCertification listing

Question 6: The term is often used in the context of laser ablation, a process in which a ________ dissolves a material's molecular bonds.
Laser applicationsLaserX-rayHelium

Question 7: Recently the term has been used by the authors of the ________ manga, as a reference to a magical process.
Fairy taleLabyrinth (film)Return to LabyrinthThe Dark Crystal

Question 8: Antifouling paints and other related coatings are routinely used to prevent the buildup of microorganisms and other animals, such as ________ for the bottom hull surfaces of recreational, commercial and military sea vessels.

Question 9: This can mean endothermic materials, or merely materials that are sacrificial and become "spent" over time while exposed to ________ such as silicone firestop products.

Question 10: Surface ablation is also employed in otolaryngology for several kinds of surgery, such as for ________.
Obesity hypoventilation syndromeSleep apneaSnoringOndine's curse


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