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Abjad: Quiz


Question 1: An abjad is a type of writing system in which each symbol always or usually[1] stands for a ________; the reader must supply the appropriate vowel.
Alveolar consonantVelar consonantConsonantPalatal consonant

Question 2: ________ (constructed writing systems that are structurally abjads)
LatinShorthandGerman languageGregg shorthand

Question 3: This fact can be used to semi-bowdlerise offensive language, a practice known as ________.
BlogBoing BoingDisemvowelingGodwin's law

Question 4: In some languages, the relationship between words and numbers created by this system has led to poetic and mystical usages, such as the Kaballah being a poetical and numerical deviation from the ________.
Old TestamentTanakhHebrew BibleDeuterocanonical books

Question 5: They did not need letters for the guttural sounds represented by ________, he, heth or ayin, so these symbols were assigned vocalic values.
Shin (letter)Waw (letter)TawAleph

Question 6: Nevertheless, Indo-European languages can be written adequately using the impure abjads of Arabic and Hebrew, as with Persian and ________.
Yiddish orthographyHebrew alphabetAyinAleph

Question 7: ________ developed along a slightly different route.
Malayalam scriptDevanagariAbugidaBrāhmī script

Question 8: According to the formulations of Daniels, abjads differ from ________ in that only consonants, not vowels, are represented among the basic graphemes.
AlphabetGreek alphabetLatin alphabetArabic alphabet

Question 9: ________, the Hebrew system of mystical numerology
GematriaAstrologyHebrew numeralsDream question

Question 10: Urdu and Persian are written in a form of the same script as ________, but almost always without the optional vowel diacritics.
Modern Standard ArabicArabic languageAncient North ArabianEgyptian Arabic


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