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Question 1: Abhorsen is a ________ novel by Garth Nix, first published in 2003.
Fairy talePoetryFantasySpeculative fiction

Question 2: She is in turn under the control of Hedge the Necromancer, who serves ________ the Destroyer.
List of characters in the Old Kingdom seriesAbhorsenLiraelSabriel

Question 3: Abhorsen features Lirael, who is the recently revealed Abhorsen-in-Waiting; Prince Sameth, who is Lirael’s new-found nephew and descendant of the Wallmakers; Mogget, a bound servant of the Abhorsen line; and the ________.
SabrielAbove the VeilOld Kingdom seriesList of characters in the Old Kingdom series

Question 4: The Seven also bound ________, the Eighth Bright Shiner, who was a free magic entity who would not join the charter.
LiraelAbhorsenList of characters in the Old Kingdom seriesSabriel

Question 5: While Sabriel and Touchstone are trying to get back to the Old Kingdom, Lirael, Sameth and the Disreputable Dog are trying to save ________, Sameth's best friend and also the host of the Destroyer.
AbhorsenAbove the VeilList of characters in the Old Kingdom seriesOld Kingdom series

Question 6: These Seven binders are also the names of the seven ________ and some of the original natures of The Seven linger in these bells.
Old Kingdom seriesSabrielGarth NixAbhorsen

Question 7: It is the final novel in his Abhorsen trilogy (unofficial name coined by fans) and his third book in the currently five book long planned Old Kingdom series (following ________ and Lirael).
Shade's ChildrenDrowned WednesdaySabrielSir Thursday

Question 8: It had destroyed many worlds before It was defeated by the Seven Bright Shiners, the free magic entities that formed ________ after defeating Orannis.
Constitution of CanadaCanadian federalismCanadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsPeace, order and good government

Question 9: The main novel begins at Abhorsen's House, which is besieged by Dead Hands led by ________, once a powerful necromancer who has died and come back as one of the Greater Dead.
List of characters in the Old Kingdom seriesLiraelSabrielOld Kingdom series

Question 10: The origin of this title is unknown, but Nix may have chosen the name referencing "Abhorson," the executioner in Shakespeare's ________.
Twelfth NightThe TempestMeasure for MeasureHamlet


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