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Question 1: He identified the ________, which is visible from Yemen, though not from Isfahan; it was not seen by Europeans until Magellan's voyage in the 16th century.
Draco DwarfLarge Magellanic CloudLeo I (dwarf galaxy)Small Magellanic Cloud

Question 2: He lived at the court of Emir Adud ad-Daula in Isfahan, Persia, and worked on translating and expanding Greek astronomical works, especially the ________ of Ptolemy.

Question 3: [1][2] He also made the earliest recorded observation of the ________ in 964 AD; describing it as a "small cloud".
Andromeda GalaxyTriangulum GalaxyMessier 81Sombrero Galaxy

Question 4: Since 2006, Astronomy Society of Iran – Amateur Committee (ASIAC) hold an international ________ in the memory of Sufi.
Sufi Observing CompetitionGlobular clusterOrion NebulaLagoon Nebula

Question 5: [3] These were the first galaxies other than the ________ to be observed from Earth.
Milky WayLocal GroupVirgo SuperclusterGalactic Center

Question 6: He observed that the ________ plane is inclined with respect to the celestial equator and more accurately calculated the length of the tropical year.

Question 7: He contributed several corrections to Ptolemy's ________ list and did his own brightness and magnitude estimates which frequently deviated from those in Ptolemy's work.
StarBinary starStellar classificationSupernova

Question 8: He was a major translator into Arabic of the Hellenistic astronomy that had been centred in ________, the first to attempt to relate the Greek with the traditional Arabic star names and constellations, which were completely unrelated and overlapped in complicated ways.
GreeceAlexandriaAlexander the GreatAncient Greece


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