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Abd (Arabic): Quiz


Question 1: A widespread name ‘Abdullah means "servant of ________" or "worshipper of God".

Question 2: Aside from 99 names of God, it can be associated to other fields, and even prophet ________:

Question 3:
  • (This is synonym to Abdullah, because Allah is a contraction of al-Ilah from ________, “the”, and Ilah is also the Arabic for “God”.)
    Arabic grammarArabic languageArticle (grammar)Al-

Question 4: It appears in many common ________ names in the liaison with Al (the) form of "Abd ul", "Abd ul-", etc.
Arab peopleIraqSyriaPalestinian people

Question 5: It can also be used by ________, just as long as it is associated to their religion:
Arab Christians and Arabic-speaking ChristiansArab diasporaArab ChileansArab Canadians

Question 6: As "abd" means "slave" in Arabic, the word is sometimes used as a pejorative term to refer to ________.
White peopleMiscegenationAfrican diasporaBlack people

Question 7: Abd (Arabic: عبد‎) is an Arabic word meaning one who is totally subordinated; a ________ or a servant.
Universal suffrageAntisemitismSlaveryRacism

Question 8: The names are given in List of Arabic theophoric names and ________.
Names of God in the Qur'anShia IslamMu'taziliCriticism of Islam

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