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Abc notation: Quiz


Question 1: To reduce the tedium of writing the MusicTeX code, he wrote a front-end for generating the ________ commands, which by 1993 evolved into the abc2mtex program.
TeXGNU TeXmacsLyXWinEdt

Question 2: Most of the software is freeware or shareware, and are readily available on many computer systems including Microsoft Windows, Unix/________, Macintosh, PalmOS, and web-based.
GNUSCO-Linux controversiesLinuxOpenSolaris

Question 3: The original open-source software abc2mtex is a front-end for generating ________ commands for typesetting the music in standard notation.
LyXWinEdtGNU TeXmacsTeX

Question 4: Note: This implementation uses ________ as the underlying rendering engine.
EmacsFrescobaldi (software)GNOMEGNU LilyPond

Question 5: In 1997, Steve Allen registered the text/ ________ media type with the IANA.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolDomain Name SystemMIMEInternet Message Access Protocol

Question 6: Abc is a language for notating music using the ________ character set.
Windows-1252ASCIICode page 437ISO/IEC 8859-1

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