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Abandonment: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, failure to assert a legal right in a way that implies abandonment of it is called taciturnity.
English lawScots lawScottish independenceScotland

Question 2: In ________ jurisdictions, both common law abandonment and statutory abandonment of property may be recognized.
Common lawReception statuteShariaCivil law (legal system)

Question 3: Abandonment of an ________ is the relinquishment by a nonuser, for a specified period, of some accommodation or right in another's land, such as right of way or free access of light and air.
Title (property)EasementAllodial titleRiparian water rights

Question 4: In ________ law, abandonment is relinquishment by an inventor of the right to secure a patent, in such a way as to constitute a dedication of the invention to public use.
PatentSoftware patentPatent infringementPatent application

Question 5: In the domain of ________, abandonment is recognized as the explicit release of material by a copyright holder into the public domain.
Fair useCopyright on typefacesCopyrightIntellectual property

Question 6: Occupying an abandoned empty house without permission is ________.
Emma GoldmanMikhail BakuninSquattingAnarchist terminology

Question 7: Abandonment of ________ is understood to happen when a trademark is not used for three or more years, or when it is deliberately discontinued; trademark law protects only trademarks being actively used and defended.
Public domainUnited States trademark lawTrademarkGenericized trademark

Question 8: In ________ parlance, abandonment involves the surrender of a ship or goods to the insurer, who becomes the abandonee.
Life insuranceMarine insuranceHealth insuranceInsurance policy


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