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Question 1: The Aar rises in the great Aar Glaciers of the Bernese Alps, in the ________ and west of the Grimsel Pass.
Canton of BernVaudDistricts of SwitzerlandSwitzerland

Question 2: The river's name may be attested to in the ________ (Helvetic) Berne zinc tablet which dates back to Roman Gaul.
Celtic languagesLepontic languageGaulish languageCeltiberian language

Question 3: It now turns due north, and soon becomes itself an tributary of the ________, which it surpasses in volume when the two rivers unite at Koblenz (Switzerland), opposite Waldshut, Germany.
RhineLahnMoselle (river)Kinzig (Rhine)

Question 4: The river soon changes its northwesterly flow for a due westerly direction, but after receiving the Saane or Sarine it turns north until it nears ________.
BernAarbergLyssSeedorf, Bern

Question 5: A short distance further, below ________ it receives first the Reuss, and shortly afterwards the Limmat.
WindischRüfenachBruggAuenstein, Switzerland

Question 6: The Aar (German Aare), a tributary of the ________, is the longest river that both rises and ends entirely within Switzerland.
Kinzig (Rhine)Moselle (river)LahnRhine

Question 7: It then runs across the swampy plain of the Bödeli between ________ and Unterseen before flowing into Lake Thun.
GrindelwaldInterlakenMatten bei InterlakenBeatenberg

Question 8: On flowing out of the lake it passes through Thun, and then flows through the city of ________, passing beneath eighteen bridges and around the steeply-flanked peninsula on which the Old City is located.

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