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Question 1: A certain proportion of Aδ fibers are also associated with sensations of temperature (also known as 'cold receptors' in ________) and pressure.
Mammal classificationEven-toed ungulatePrimateMammal

Question 2: They are thinly myelinated, so conduct signals more rapidly than unmyelinated ________, but more slowly than other, more thickly myelinated "A" class fibers.
Photoreceptor cellAlpha motor neuronNeuronGroup C nerve fiber

Question 3: Like other sensory fibers, the Aδ fiber is an extension of a pseudounipolar ________ with its cell body located in a dorsal root ganglion or trigeminal ganglion.
NeuronGlial cellPhotoreceptor cellNervous system

Question 4: They are associated with cold and pressure, and as ________ they convey fast pain information.
NociceptionNociceptorAllodyniaAnterolateral system

Question 5: Within the ________, afferent nociceptor fibers synapse at or near the spinal cord level where they enter.
Human brainGrey matterNervous systemSpinal cord

Question 6: ________ (axon hillock, axon terminals, axoplasm, axolemma, neurofibril/neurofilament)
Schwann cellAxonNervous systemNeuron

Question 7: A delta fibers, or Aδ fibers, are a ________.
Schwann cellNeuronAxonNervous system

Question 8: They are thin, myelinated ________ with a moderate conduction velocity, or speed of travel of a nerve signal (2 to 30 m/s).
NeuronAxonSchwann cellNervous system


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