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A Tale of a Tub: Quiz


Question 1: Among others, two men who took the side opposing Temple were ________ (classicist and editor) and William Wotton (critic).
EnglandRichard PorsonRichard BentleyClassics

Question 2: Officially, there was no such thing as "Whig and ________" at the time, but the labels are useful and were certainly employed by writers themselves.
ConservatismRed ToryCanadaTory

Question 3: The Tale is a prose ________ which is divided into sections of "digression" and a "tale" of three brothers, each representing one of the main branches of western Christianity.

Question 4: Swift's explanation for the title of the book is that the Ship of State was threatened by a whale (specifically, the Leviathan of ________) and the new political societies (the Rota Club is mentioned).
PlatoGottfried LeibnizImmanuel KantThomas Hobbes

Question 5: This part of the book is a pun on "tub," which ________ says was a common term for a Dissenter's pulpit, and a reference to Swift's own position as a clergyman.
The DunciadAlexander PopeJohn MiltonPoetry

Question 6: [3] Jack (named for John Calvin, but whom Swift also connects to "Jack of Leyden") represents the various Dissenting Protestant churches such as Baptists, Presbyterians, Quakers, Congregationalists, or ________.
ChristianityProtestant ReformationAnabaptistChristian denomination

Question 7: [3] The brothers have inherited three wonderfully satisfactory coats (representing religious practice) by their father (representing God), and they have his will (representing the ________) to guide them.
Nevi'imBibleBiblical canonChristianity and Judaism

Question 8: It was enormously popular, but Swift believed it damaged his prospect of advancement in the ________.
Archbishop of YorkChurch of EnglandArchbishop of CanterburyBishop of Lincoln

Question 9: Most important in this regard is the narrative pose and the creation of narrative ________.

Question 10: In the historical background to the period of 1696–1705, the most important political events might be the Restoration of Charles II in 1660, the Test Act, and the ________ or Glorious Revolution of 1688–1689.
Nonsuch (album)Black Sea (XTC album)Apple Venus Volume 1English Settlement


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