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A New Beginning: Quiz


Question 1: On 4 June, before delivering the speech, Obama led talks with Egyptian President ________ at Koubbeh Palace.
Robert MugabeGamal Abdel NasserAnwar El SadatHosni Mubarak

Question 2: The speech occurred just after Obama met the representatives of both ________ and the Palestinian Authorities.
United StatesArmeniaIsraelGreece

Question 3: So this visit will be useful in bridging gaps between the Muslim and the Western world."[30] An ________ spokesperson stated that the speech made a "positive direction" towards international dialogue.
Constitution of IraqPolitics of IraqGovernment of Iraq from 2006Council of Representatives of Iraq

Question 4: He met German Chancellor ________ at Dresden on June 5.
Nicolas SarkozyGordon BrownAngela MerkelSilvio Berlusconi

Question 5: It has been a long standing demand of Pakistan that the two-nation theory is the only way forward out of the ________ crisis".
Western AsiaIranMiddle EastAsia

Question 6: [17] However, it was Obama's call for peace between ________ and Palestinians that cut the highest profile.
IsraelUnited StatesArmeniaGreece

Question 7: [28] On June 14, Netanyahu gave a speech at Bar-Ilan University in which he endorsed, for the first time, a ________ for Israelis and Palestinians; the speech was widely seen as a response to Obama's speech.
Israeli–Palestinian conflictProposals for a Palestinian stateOne-state solutionTwo-state solution

Question 8: ________ political figure Hassan Fadlallah remarked that "[t]he Islamic and Arab world does not need lectures".
2006 Lebanon WarHezbollah2006 Israel–Gaza conflictLebanese Civil War

Question 9: For example, Lydia Khalil of the ________ commented that "[i]t is too soon to tell what the ultimate Obama effect will be."[39]
Gerald FordGeorge H. W. BushCouncil on Foreign RelationsDavid Rockefeller

Question 10: Amr Moussa, head of the ________, hailed the speech, saying it "was balanced and offered a new vision of rapprochement regarding relations with Islamic states."[26]
Arab–Israeli conflictArab LeagueArab UnionUnited Arab Republic


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