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Question 1: It was transmitted in a high-powered radio wave emitted from the RT-70 interstellar radar telescope of the ________, located in Evpatoria.
Space and Upper Atmosphere Research CommissionRussian Federal Space AgencyNational Space Agency of UkraineIranian Space Agency

Question 2: The message was sent using the RT-70 radar telescope of ________'s National Space Agency.

Question 3: Bebo invited its users, ________ and politicians to submit messages and pictures to be included in the digital time capsule.
CelebritySuperheroStan LeeSuperman

Question 4: The message, traveling at light speed, passed the Moon in 1.7 seconds and passed ________ in 4 minutes.
Deimos (moon)Phobos (moon)MarsWater on Mars

Question 5: A senior astronomer from the ________ in California, Seth Shostak, had observed that it is unimportant whether the aliens who might receive the messages would understand them.
Arecibo ObservatoryAllen Telescope ArraySETIWow! signal

Question 6: Several celebrities were also involved in the project, including Sir Patrick Moore, Deborah Meaden, ________ and pop band McFly.
Gillian AndersonFox MulderThe X-FilesDana Scully

Question 7: Gliese 581c is 20 ________ away from Earth,[6] and the message would reach the planet in early 2029.
Light-yearParsecAstronomical unitCosmic distance ladder

Question 8: Alexander L. Zaitsev, an expert in interstellar radio communication and Chief Scientist of the Radio Engineering and Electronics Institute of the ________.
Academy of SciencesRussian Academy of SciencesNational Academy of Sciences of UkraineSiberia

Question 9: Images of the London Eye and Edinburgh Castle were among the landmarks that were selected to be included, while pictures of Hillary Clinton, ________ and Richard and Judy were some of the selected images of famous people.
Girls AloudNadine CoyleCheryl ColeLouis Walsh

Question 10: The signal is a digital time capsule containing 501 messages that were selected through a competition on the social networking site, ________.


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