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Question 1: Cáceres-Mérida-________-Lisbon[11].
Azuaga, BadajozBadajozOlivenzaTáliga

Question 2: AVE Madrid–________ via Segovia.
Curiel de DueroValdunquilloCampasperoValladolid

Question 3: The Madrid–Zaragoza________ line was inaugurated on 20 February 2008, after parts of the line had operated since 2003 (Madrid–Zaragoza–Lleida) and 2006 (Lleida–Tarragona).
BarcelonaSagrada FamíliaLa Rambla, BarcelonaÀmbit metropolità de Barcelona

Question 4: AVANT (mid distance) Málaga–Córdoba–Seville via ________ and Puente Genil
AntequeraRondaÁloraBenalmádena, Spain

Question 5: ________ (4 h 46 min)
Durango, BiscayGetxoBilbaoBarakaldo

Question 6: ALVIA (mixed high speed-conventional) Madrid–________, via Valladolid and Burgos.
BarakaldoDurango, BiscayGetxoBilbao

Question 7: This line will connect all Galician coastal cities, including A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, with the Portuguese border, and eventually, with ________.
Casa do InfantePortoPalácio da BolsaLiberdade Square (Porto)

Question 8: [3] On the other hand, Seville is still the fourth largest city in Spain, after Madrid, ________ and Valencia, with a population of some 700,000.
Àmbit metropolità de BarcelonaSagrada FamíliaBarcelonaLa Rambla, Barcelona

Question 9: They run under the brand Alvia, and are ________ trains.
Rail gaugeVariable gaugeBreak-of-gaugeDual gauge

Question 10: ________ (5 h 25 min)
TarifaJimena de la FronteraAlgecirasCadiz

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