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Question 1: This is realized through the use of ________.
UnixApplication programming interfaceJava (programming language)Linux

Question 2: ________ Electronics (NEC AUTOSAR MCAL for V850 platform)
Sumitomo Electric IndustriesNikonNECMitsubishi Electric

Question 3: Many of the low-level components of AUTOSAR (the ________ and communications layer) are derived from OSEK work.
OS-9VxWorksReal-time operating systemQNX

Question 4: be a key enabling ________ to manage the growing electrics/electronics complexity.
Artificial intelligenceTechnologyEngineeringMining

Question 5: There are a total of 35 ________ members as of September 2005.
Companies lawCorporate lawCorporationCompany

Question 6: The professed goals are ________, scalability, transferability and re-usability of functions to provide a standardized platform for automotive systems.
Lev ManovichModularityModulArtModule

Question 7: AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) is an open and ________ automotive software architecture, jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers and tool developers.
Standards organizationStandardizationSpecification (technical standard)Open standard


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