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AS-90: Quiz


Question 1: The MoD was also required to consider the US "Paladin", an upgraded ________.
M109 howitzerGulf WarIsraelM2 Browning machine gun

Question 2: The AS-90 (Artillery System for the 1990s) is a lightly-armoured self-propelled artillery piece used by the ________.
Territorial Army (United Kingdom)British ArmyBritish Armed ForcesRoyal Military Police

Question 3: The vehicle is fitted with an autonomous navigation and ________ system (AGLS) and all main turret functions are controlled by a Turret Control Computer (TCC).
Gun layingEnfilade and defiladeRangekeeperAnalog computer

Question 4: [4] This would introduce a common gun calibre for the British Army and ________, helping with ammunition logistics, and encouraging joint Army-Navy development of extended range and precision guided shells.
HMS Ark Royal (R07)Royal NavyHMS Ocean (L12)HMS Illustrious (R06)

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