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Question 1:
What is the class is the ARA General Belgrano?
1741 proposals 58-gun fourth rate ship of the line
1719 Establishment 60-gun fourth rate ship of the line
50-gun fourth rate ship of the line

Question 2:
What was the ARA General Belgrano known as?
ARA Diecisiete de Octubre
USS Ringgold
MV Royal Daffodil
Pamiat Azova

Question 3:
On which of the following dates was ARA General Belgrano acquired?

Question 4: After the ________, the Argentine military junta began to reinforce the islands in late April when it was realised that the British Task Force was heading south.
Events leading to the Falklands WarFalklands War1982 invasion of the Falkland IslandsInvasion of South Georgia

Question 5: While the Conqueror was also equipped with the newer Mark 24 Tigerfish ________, there were doubts about its reliability.
SubmarineTorpedoNaval mineBattleship

Question 6: The sinking also became a cause célèbre for anti-war campaigners (such as Labour MP ________).
Tony BlairTam DalyellMargaret ThatcherJack Straw

Question 7: The warship was built as USS Phoenix (CL-46), the sixth of the Brooklyn-class ________, in New Jersey by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation starting in 1935, and launched in March 1938.

Question 8: After consultation at Cabinet level, the Prime Minister, ________, agreed that Commander Chris Wreford-Brown should attack the Belgrano.
Margaret ThatcherRonald ReaganHarold MacmillanWinston Churchill

Question 9: This was the second warship to bear the name General Belgrano, named after ________.
Manuel BelgranoArgentinaJuan José CastelliMay Revolution

Question 10: Middlebrook, Martin (1989), The fight for the "Malvinas" : the Argentine Forces in the Falklands War, ________: Viking, ISBN 0-670-82106-3 
New JerseyMassachusettsNew YorkConnecticut


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