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APG system: Quiz


Question 1: Higher groups are defined only as clades, with names such as ________, eudicots, rosids, asterids.
DicotyledonFlowering plantMonocotyledonAPG system

Question 2: The main groups in the system (all unranked ________) are:
PhylogeneticsCladeComputational phylogeneticsGhost lineage

Question 3: Although based on molecular evidence only, its constituent groups prove to be supported by other evidence as well, for example pollen morphology support the split between the eudicots and the rest of the former ________.
Dahlgren systemThorne system (1992)DicotyledonCronquist system

Question 4: The system is unusual in being based, not on total evidence, but on the ________ analysis of the DNA sequences of three genes, two chloroplast genes and one gene coding for ribosomes.
PhylogeneticsComputational phylogeneticsCladeCladistics


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