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AM broadcasting: Quiz


Question 1: Some other countries do authorize higher power operation (for example the Mexican station ________ formerly operated at 250,000 watts).

Question 2: ________ is 148.5 kHz–283.5 kHz, with 9 kHz channel spacing generally used.
Medium waveShortwaveLongwaveL band

Question 3: AM radio technology is simpler than FM radio, DAB, Satellite Radio and ________.
Sirius Satellite RadioDigital radioDigital Radio MondialeHD Radio

Question 4: In North American broadcasting practice, transmitter power input to the antenna for commercial AM stations ranges from about 250 ________ to 50,000 watts.

Question 5: XWA of Montreal, ________ (later CFCF, now CINW) claims status as the first commercial broadcaster in the world, with regular broadcasts commencing on May 20, 1920.
New FranceOntarioCanadaQuebec

Question 6: Because of its susceptibility to atmospheric and electrical interference, AM broadcasting now attracts mainly talk radio and news programming, while music radio and public radio mostly shifted to ________ in the late 1970s.
TV and FM DXMedium waveHD RadioFM broadcasting

Question 7: During the day, AM signals travel by ________, diffracting around the curve of the earth over a distance up to a few hundred miles (or kilometers) from the signal transmitter.
Radio propagationSurface waveShortwaveElectromagnetic radiation

Question 8: territories this band is mainly reserved for aeronautics navigational aids, though a small section of the band could theoretically be used for microbroadcasting under the United States ________ rules.
Family Radio ServiceTitle 47 CFR Part 15Ultra high frequencyNorth American broadcast television frequencies

Question 9: The hobby of listening to long distance signals is known as DX or DX'ing, from an old telegraph ________ for "distance".
Acronym and initialismUnited StatesEnglish languageAbbreviation

Question 10: As a result, AM radio in many countries has lost its dominance as a music broadcasting service, and in many cities is now relegated to news, sports, religious and ________ stations.
Progressive talk radioTalk radioWABC (AM)KFI


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