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AMC Hornet: Quiz


Question 1: American Motors, the resulting corporation formed by the merger of ________ and Hudson, continued to produce Nash-based Hornets, which were sold under the Hudson marque from 1955 to 1957.
Nash MetropolitanRambler (automobile)Nash-HealeyNash Motors

Question 2: The Hornet was available in a choice of two thrifty ________ engines or a 304 cu in (5 L) V8.
Straight-eight engineStraight-six engineInline-four engineV8 engine

Question 3: It would outlast all other compact platforms from the competition that included the ________, Ford Maverick, and Plymouth Valiant.
Dodge PolaraIKA-Renault TorinoChevrolet Monte CarloChevrolet Nova

Question 4: AMC used the Hornet as the basis for its ________, which consisted of the front half of the two-door Hornet's body and a truncated rear section with a window hatchback.
AMC RebelAMC ConcordAMC GremlinAMC Pacer

Question 5: In 1973, a ________ coupe was added to the lineup.
AutomobileHatchbackSedan (automobile)Station wagon

Question 6: The AMC Hornet was a compact ________ made by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) beginning with the 1970 model year and continuing through the 1977 model year.
ThrottleAutomobileDisc brakeVacuum servo

Question 7: The Hornet was also the basis for AMC's Gremlin, Concord, and the innovative all-wheel drive ________.
AMC SpiritAMC RebelAMC AmbassadorAMC Eagle

Question 8: A four-door ________ variant named the "Sportabout" was added to the 1971 lineup.
AutomobileHatchbackSedan (automobile)Station wagon

Question 9: In 1976, the ________ bought and converted the Hornet design into hybrids.
Sacramento, CaliforniaZero-emissions vehicleLow-carbon fuel standardCalifornia Air Resources Board

Question 10: As part of a significant ________ movie appearance by AMC, a 1974 Hornet X Hatchback is featured in the James Bond film: The Man with the Golden Gun.
In-game advertisingBrandAdvertisingProduct placement

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