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AKM: Quiz


Question 1:
In which of these wars was the AKM used?

Question 2:
How long is AKM?
SAR 7.62mm:, stock extended /, stock folded
APR308S:, stock extended /, stock folded
stock extended /, stock folded
G41A2/A3:, stock extended /, stock folded

Question 3:
What type is thing is AKM?

Question 4:
What mountain range is AKM a part of?
100u20131,000 m sight adjustments
Terrick Terrick Range
Central Apennines
300-500 m

Question 5: It is an upgraded version of the ________ rifle and was developed in the 1950s.

Question 6: As a weight-saving measure, the stamped dust cover is of thinner gauge metal than that of the ________.

Question 7: It was officially replaced in Soviet service by the ________ in the late 70s, but remains in use worldwide.

Question 8: A version of the AKM with a modified lower handguard designed to accept the 40 mm wz. 1974 Pallad grenade launcher was developed in ________ and designated the karabinek-granatnik wz. 1974.

Question 9: The AKML comes equipped with a side-rail used to attach a ________.
United StatesM16 rifleNight vision deviceUnited States Air Force

Question 10: Guide rails that assist the bolt carrier’s movement which also incorporates the ejector are installed inside the receiver through ________.
Spot weldingArc weldingElectric resistance weldingGas metal arc welding

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