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Question 1: The stated goal of the alliance was to challenge the dominant ________ computing platform with a new computer design and a next-generation operating system.
IBM PC compatibleMS-DOSWintelIntel Corporation

Question 2: RISC • System p • System i • ________ • • PAPR • PReP • CHRP • more...

Question 3: The ________ original boot architecture was based on the ARC standards.
Windows NTOS/2Microsoft WindowsWindows 9x

Question 4: Apple and IBM created two new companies called Taligent and ________ as part of the alliance.
Apple Inc.Kaleida LabsJava (programming language)JavaScript

Question 5: The chips have also had success in the embedded market, and all three major ________ feature chipsets derived from the PowerPC architecture at their core.
History of video gamesHistory of video game consoles (sixth generation)History of video game consoles (seventh generation)Wii

Question 6: Almost every Mac featured a PowerPC processor from then until 2006, when they transitioned all their models to ________ processors, due to disappointment with the direction and performance of PowerPC development.
NvidiaCisco SystemsIntel CorporationMicrosoft

Question 7: was founded in 2004 by IBM and 15 partners with focus on develop, enable, promote and drive adoption of ________ technology, i.e.
PowerPCPowerPC 600Power ArchitectureARM architecture

Question 8: PowerPC • e200 • e300 • e500 • e600 • QorIQ • PA6T • POWER5 • ________ • PPC4xx • PowerPC 7xx • 7xxx • PPC970 • Cell • Xenon • Broadway • Titan

Question 9: POWER • ________ • POWER2 • POWER3 • POWER4 • PowerPC-AS • PPC6xx • Gekko • AIM alliance
POWER1PWRficientPower ArchitecturePowerPC e600

Question 10: The CPU was the PowerPC, a single-chip version of IBM's ________ CPU.
PowerPC 600IBM POWERPower ArchitecturePOWER1


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