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Question 1: Modified Storms are popular with ________ enthusiasts in Israel.
Monster truckOff-road vehicleRock crawlingOff-roading

Question 2: The armour protects against 7.62 millimetre (0.3 in) ________ ammunition, and maintains a high protection-to-weight and cost ratio by employing IDF approved advanced materials.
Armor-piercing shot and shellBulletShell (projectile)Tungsten

Question 3: The shielding allows for a wide ________ while at the same time protecting against firebombs and rock-throwing.
Angle of viewField of viewEyeCrop factor

Question 4: Storm II is also produced in an armoured version, and is offered with an optional 2.8 litre VM Motori turbodiesel, ________, right hand drive, and run-flat tyres.
Automatic transmissionDual clutch transmissionDirect-Shift GearboxTransmission (mechanics)

Question 5: The series of Jeep Wrangler based vehicles have been produced by Automotive Industries Ltd. in Upper Nazareth under licence from ________ since 1990.
ChryslerGeneral Motors Chapter 11 reorganizationGeneral MotorsChrysler Chapter 11 reorganization

Question 6: Perhaps the most obvious change is the addition of dual passenger doors, making the Storm II the first five-door ________ derivative.
Jeep WranglerJeep LibertyJeep Cherokee (XJ)Jeep Grand Cherokee

Question 7: Unlike the JK, the new Storm will have a much higher maximum load in part due to heavier-duty ________, necessary for an armoured version.
Shock absorberAutomobileSuspension (vehicle)Car handling

Question 8: Like the Storm II, the Mark III will initially only be available to the military, with versions set to be delivered to ________ in 2009.
Military Police Corps (Israel)Israel PoliceIsraeli Border PoliceMossad

Question 9: It will include as standard a 2.8 litre VM Motori ________ and automatic transmission.
TurbochargerDiesel engineTurbodieselAutomobile

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