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AGM-86 ALCM: Quiz


Question 1: The AGM-86C is a Conventional Air-Launched ________ (CALCM) and is a conventional blast/fragmentation derivative of the nuclear armed AGM-86B.
Cruise missileAnti-ship missileAnti-ballistic missileAir-to-air missile

Question 2: The Air Force in 2008 maintains an arsenal of 1,140 AGM-86 Air Launched Cruise Missiles and 460 newer and stealthy ________ (Advanced Cruise Missiles).
AGM-86 ALCMAGM-129 ACMADM-20 QuailAGM-28 Hound Dog

Question 3: The ALCM force will be consolidated at ________, North Dakota, and all excess cruise missile bodies will be destroyed.
Thule Air BaseMinot Air Force BaseVandenberg Air Force BaseMalmstrom Air Force Base

Question 4: The small, winged AGM-86B/C missile is powered by a Williams F107 turbofan ________ that propels it at sustained subsonic speeds and can be launched from both high and low altitudes.
Jet engineSwing-piston engineRocket engine nozzleRocket engine

Question 5: The CALCM became operational in January 1991 at the onset of ________.
Gulf WarSix-Day War2006 Lebanon WarYom Kippur War

Question 6: The missiles were developed to increase the effectiveness and survivability of Boeing B-52H Stratofortress ________.
Fighter aircraftF-15E Strike EagleBomberB-1 Lancer

Question 7: Examples of the Boeing AGM-86A and AGM-86B are on display at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center of the ________ near Washington D.C.
National Air and Space MuseumHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture GardenSmithsonian Institution BuildingSmithsonian Institution

Question 8: In response to Iraq's continued hostilities against the ________ in northern Iraq, the Air Force launched 13 CALCMs in a joint attack with the Navy.
Assyrian peopleKurdish peopleIraqi KurdistanIraqi people

Question 9: The Boeing AGM-86 ALCM (AGM-86A, AGM-86B and AGM-86C) is a U.S. subsonic air-launched cruise missile (ALCM) built by ________ and operated by the United States Air Force.
BoeingMcDonald'sKraft FoodsCaterpillar Inc.

Question 10: The conventionally armed AGM-86C uses an onboard ________ (GPS) coupled with its inertial navigation system (INS) to fly.
AltimeterGlobal Positioning SystemF-15 EagleCompass


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