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ADEN cannon: Quiz


Question 1: Type: single-barrel ________
Machine gunAutocannonGatling gunQF 2 pounder naval gun

Question 2: The ADEN entered service on the ________ in 1954, and subsequently used on every British gun-armed aircraft until the advent of the Panavia Tornado in the 1980s.
Hawker Sea HawkBlackburn BuccaneerHawker Siddeley HarrierHawker Hunter

Question 3: ________ Sea Harriers retained the 30 mm weapon until their retirement in 2006.
Fairey SwordfishFleet Air ArmWestland Sea KingRoyal Navy

Question 4: It is based (as are the French DEFA cannon and American M39 cannon) on the mechanism of the German Mauser MG 213C, an experimental revolver cannon designed for the ________, but never used in combat.
Hellenic Air ForceRoyal Air ForceRomanian Air ForceLuftwaffe

Question 5: The Royal Small Arms Factory ADEN is a 30 mm cannon used on many military aircraft, particularly those of the British Royal Air Force and ________.
Fairey SwordfishFleet Air ArmWestland Sea KingRoyal Navy


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