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Question 1: Apparent Power (|S|), that is, the ________ of complex power Svolt-ampere [VA]
Absolute valueComplex numberVector spaceEuclidean space

Question 2: If the load is purely ________, the two quantities reverse their polarity at the same time.
Electrical resistanceElectric currentElectrical conductionElectrical impedance

Question 3: An active ________ circuit at the input would generally reduce the harmonic currents further and maintain the power factor closer to unity.
TransformerSwitched-mode power supplyCapacitorPower factor

Question 4: In a simple ________ (AC) circuit consisting of a source and a linear load, both the current and voltage are sinusoidal.
TransformerElectric currentAlternating currentElectricity

Question 5: It does, however, serve an important function in electrical grids and its lack has been cited as a significant factor in the ________.
ManhattanOntarioNew York CityNortheast Blackout of 2003

Question 6: In ________ circuits, energy storage elements such as inductance and capacitance may result in periodic reversals of the direction of energy flow.
Alternating currentTransformerElectricityElectric current

Question 7: Apparent power is conventionally expressed in volt-amperes (VA) since it is the product of rms ________ and rms current.
MultimeterOhm's lawElectrical networkVoltage

Question 8: The ratio between real power and apparent power in a circuit is called the ________.
Switched-mode power supplyCapacitorTransformerPower factor

Question 9: Electricity retailers may use ________ which measure reactive power to financially penalize customers with low power factor loads.
Electricity meterSmart gridElectricity distributionElectrical grid

Question 10: The unit for all forms of power is the ________ (symbol: W), but this unit is generally reserved for real power.


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