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AC motor: Quiz


Question 1: Transistorized inverters with ________ can now be used for speed control, and wound rotor motors are becoming less common.
Electric motorBrushed DC electric motorAC motorVariable-frequency drive

Question 2: An AC motor is an electric motor that is driven by an ________.
ElectricityElectric currentTransformerAlternating current

Question 3: Nowadays, synchronous motors are frequently driven by transistorized ________.
Brushed DC electric motorAC motorVariable-frequency driveElectric motor

Question 4: Because ________ makes it difficult to instantly accelerate the rotor from stopped to synchronous speed, these motors normally require some sort of special feature to get started.
Classical mechanicsForceInertiaPhysics

Question 5: Synchronous motors are valued in any case because their ________ is much better than that of induction motors, making them preferred for very high power applications.
Switched-mode power supplyPower factorTransformerCapacitor

Question 6: Synchronous motors are occasionally used as traction motors; the ________ may be the best-known example of such use.
TGVThalysBritish Rail Class 373Eurostar

Question 7: A capacitor start motor is a split-phase induction motor with a starting capacitor inserted in series with the startup winding, creating an ________ which is capable of a much greater phase shift (and so, a much greater starting torque).
RLC circuitLC circuitRL circuitRC circuit

Question 8: The second type is the ________, which runs slightly slower than the supply frequency.
Brushless DC electric motorElectric motorInduction motorAC motor

Question 9: [6] PSC motors are frequently used in air handlers, blowers, and fans (including ________) and other cases where a variable speed is desired.
United StatesElectric motorGreat DepressionCeiling fan

Question 10: Professor Poeschel, his teacher, stated that would be akin to building a ________.
Perpetual motionIntelligent designCreation ScienceAstrology


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