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A-Train: Quiz


Question 1: Each additional train costs 50 ________.
Live AnywhereXbox 360 launchXbox 360Microsoft Points

Question 2: The PlayStation was a relatively new platform at that point and the game suffered many limitations, such as requiring an entire ________ (expensive at the time) to store a single map.
Universal Serial BusUSB flash driveHard disk driveMemory card

Question 3: There are no rival companies; the player controls the only one in the ________ and the game is resultingly fairly open-ended.
Independent cityTownMunicipalityCity

Question 4: As well as the buildings built by the computer, in response to the materials being present, the player can construct their own buildings, such as ski resorts and ________, and make profits from them if the conditions are right.
Travel and Tourism Competitiveness ReportHotelWorld Tourism rankingsTourism

Question 5: In spite of the PC version's commercial failure in the US, ________ later released a PlayStation version in 1996, based on Artdink's AIV: Evolution Global.
Spore (2008 video game)The SimsElectronic ArtsMaxis

Question 6: Artdink offered over 150 types of trains for sale in ________, based on real-life Japanese trains.
Xbox Live MarketplaceGames for Windows – LiveZuneXbox 360

Question 7: Map construction adds the ability to build custom maps and terrains, and included pre-built cities Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, ________.
Nishinomiya, HyōgoHiroshimaAmagasaki, HyōgoKobe

Question 8: The game was tremendously popular in ________,[1] thus motivating Maxis to license it for US distribution as A-Train, available for DOS, Macintosh and Amiga platforms.
CambodiaJapanUnited KingdomCanada

Question 9: It is the latest installment of the A-Train series, supporting high definition graphics (720p resolution) and ________ support for uploading and downloading maps and leaderboards.
Live AnywhereXbox 360Xbox LiveGames for Windows – Live

Question 10: A-Train III is the first game in the series to use of near-isometric dimetric projection to present the city, similar to Maxis's ________.
SimCity 2000SimCity (series)SimCity 3000SimCity 4

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