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Question 1: 811: ________ fought between a Byzantine force led by emperor Nicephorus I and a Bulgar army commanded by Khan Krum.
Byzantine–Bulgarian WarsBattle of KleidionBattle of VersinikiaBattle of Pliska

Question 2: 9th century
7th century8th century← ↔ →________11th century
13th century10th century16th century12th century

Question 3: This period of Viking raids on the coasts of ________ has been named the longphort phase after these particular types of settlements.
Northern IrelandIrish peopleIrelandWales

Question 4: 841: ________ is founded on the east coast of Ireland by the Vikings.

Question 5: 859: Muslims establish the oldest university in the world, University of Al Karaouine, in ________[2]

Question 6: First known printed book, the Diamond Sutra, printed in China using ________ in 868 AD.
Woodblock printing in JapanTang DynastyWoodblock printingWoodcut

Question 7: 9th – ________ – Bowl with kufic border, from Samarkand, Uzbekistan, is made.
9th century12th century11th century10th century

Question 8: This invasion was achieved by a huge military force known as the Great Heathen Army which was supposedly led by ________, Halfdan Ragnarsson and Guthrum.
Gofraid ua ÍmairAmlaíb CuaránIvar the BonelessAuisle

Question 9: 803: Construction on the Leshan Giant Buddha in Tang Dynasty ________ is complete, after 90 years of rock-carving on a massive cliff-side.
Religion in ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)China

Question 10: Beowulf might have been written down in this century, though it could also have been in the ________.
7th century11th century9th century8th century


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