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Question 1: January 1998, In addition to 800’s FA2 Sea Harriers from RAF Harriers GR7s HMS Invincible operated in the ________.
Caspian SeaIndian OceanAtlantic OceanPersian Gulf

Question 2: The squadron was first equipped with nine single-seat Hawker Nimrod fighter aircraft and three two-seat ________ to act as navigation leaders for the Nimrods.
Hawker HartHawker HunterHawker HurricaneHawker Hind

Question 3: It served aboard HMS Courageous in the ________.
Home FleetHMS Royal Oak (08)HMS Ark Royal (91)HMS Hood (51)

Question 4: On regrouping later that year, the squadron joined HMS Furious for an attack on Petsamo, and after the ________ onboard HMS Indomitable was involved in the Madagascar operations.
AmericasCaribbeanLatin AmericaNorth America

Question 5: During the Inchon landings in September, 1950 Seafires flew armed ________ missions and spotted for the bombarding cruisers.
ReconnaissanceUnited States Marine Air-Ground Task Force ReconnaissanceSpecial reconnaissanceUnited States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance

Question 6: 800 Naval Air Squadron is a Royal Navy ________ carrier based squadron formed on 3 April 1933 by amalgamating No's 402 and 404 (Fleet Fighter) Flights.
Westland Sea KingBAE Sea HarrierFleet Air ArmFairey Swordfish

Question 7: Lt Ardiles (Cousin of the Footballer ________) killed.
Glenn HoddleDiego MaradonaUbaldo FillolOsvaldo Ardiles

Question 8: The squadron re-equipped with the ________ in November 1938 and took these aboard HMS Ark Royal.
Blackburn BuccaneerBlackburn RocBlackburn SkuaBlackburn Firebrand

Question 9: In 1935-1936, the carrier and squadron operated in the ________.
Pacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian OceanMediterranean Sea

Question 10: The Skua was a ________ with a secondary fighter role to allow the destruction or driving-off of enemy reconnaissance aircraft.
Junkers Ju 87SBD DauntlessFighter aircraftDive bomber


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