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Question 1: is both discussed and illustrated in Richard Payne Knight’s A Discourse on the Worship of ________, privately issued for the Dilettanti Society of London in 1786 ...
Greek mythologyPriapusDionysusAphrodite

Question 2: ________ : Oragenitalism : Oral Techniques in Genital Excitation.
United StatesGershon LegmanJudaismEastern Europe

Question 3: If a male partner is present and if he is uncircumcised, his frenulum rubs against the roof of the performing partner's mouth, while the ________ and the front of the glans may be stimulated by his partner's mouth.
Reproductive systemProstateTesticleForeskin

Question 4: portfolio, Die Erotik der Antiken in Kleinkunst und Keramik (Munich, ________) plate 58, showing the woman lying on top of the man.

Question 5: The term “soixante-neuf” has not been traced any earlier than certain Whore’s Catechisms published in the 1790’s in ________, usually attributed to the ...
United KingdomItalyFranceCanada

Question 6: "The earliest unequivocal representation of the sixty-nine appears to be that on an oil-lamp preserved in the Munich Museum (________), and first reproduced in Dr.
BonnDeutsches MuseumDeutsches Museum BonnOskar von Miller

Question 7: Jean Marcadé’s Eros Kalos (English-language edition, ________ : Nagel, 1965), facing page 58, in ...

Question 8: Variations of the 69 positions include mutual anilingus or "double rimming," and digital penetration of either partner's anus or ________.
ClitorisFemale ejaculationPenisVagina

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