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613 Mitzvot: Quiz


Question 1: Not to offer peace to Ammon and ________ while besieging them Deut.  23:7

Question 2: The court must not inflict punishment on ________ Ex.  35:3
ShabbatHebrew calendarPassoverJewish holiday

Question 3: To set aside the ________ and bring them to the Temple Ex.  23:19
GospelBiblical canonChristianityFirst Fruits

Question 4: To examine the signs of ________ to distinguish between kosher and non-kosher Lev.  11:9
Forage fishFish anatomyFishPelagic fish

Question 5: Each man must count the Omer - seven weeks from the day the new ________ offering was brought Lev.  23:15

Question 6: (See Halakha: Codes of Jewish law.) The most widely recognized is the Shulkhan Arukh, written by Rabbi Yosef Karo (Safed, Israel, 1550) and adopted to Ashkenazic custom by Rabbi ________.
TalmudAshkenazi JewsMoses IsserlesShulchan Aruch

Question 7: Sefer ha-Mitzvoth by Rabbi ________ (the "Chafetz Chaim").
HalakhaOrthodox JudaismYisrael Meir KaganMishnah Berurah

Question 8: ________
Yom Kippur613 MitzvotMinyanLaws and customs of the Land of Israel in Judaism

Question 9: A metzora must bring an offering (in the Temple) after going to the ________ Lev.  14:10
MikvehHalakhaTzedakahJewish services

Question 10: Observe the laws of impurity caused by ________ Lev.  12:2
ChildbirthMiscarriageBreech birthEctopic pregnancy

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